yes peace (yes_justice) wrote in bush_sucks,
yes peace

Yes! 01-20-09

Fun day at Ocean Beach, yesterday.

Yes! 01-20-09 small

It was sooo cute. These little girls were facinated by what the adults were doing and I said "we're spelling "Yes" in the sand for Obama, come join the picture, there will be a helicopter soon". They ran off to two older women for permission, who wondered wtf?, and I explained what we were doing and they beamed proudly and excitedly joined with us. After the helicopter left the family all cheered, laughed, and hugged, I think one of the women was in tears of joy.

Yes! 01-20-09 1

Yes! 01-20-09 2

Yes! 01-20-09 3

Yes! 01-20-09 4

Yes! 01-20-09 5

Yes! 01-20-09 6
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