Travis (montanaisaleg) wrote in bush_sucks,

C-SPAN presidential survey

I tend to take these surveys with a bit of skepticism, but they're fun.

C-SPAN has come out with its latest version of presidential rankings. The slide show summary linked from that page is the fun part, especially page 9:
George W. Bush
Rank in each category (of 42 presidents)
1. Public Persuasion: #36
2. Crisis Leadership: #25
3. Economic Management: #40
4. Moral Authority: #35
5. International Relations: #41
6. Administrative Skills: #37
7. Relations With Congress: #36
8. Vision/Setting an Agenda: #25
9. Pursued Equal Justice For All: #24
10. Performance Within Context of Times: #36

He also had the greatest deviation in ranks from the voters, which is understandable since his presidency hasn't been over for a month yet. Still, 36 out of 42 ain't so good, though I consider any of these rankings as meant for entertainment more than anything else. I hope you're all as entertained as I am.
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