C-SPAN presidential survey

I tend to take these surveys with a bit of skepticism, but they're fun.

C-SPAN has come out with its latest version of presidential rankings. The slide show summary linked from that page is the fun part, especially page 9:
George W. Bush
Rank in each category (of 42 presidents)
1. Public Persuasion: #36
2. Crisis Leadership: #25
3. Economic Management: #40
4. Moral Authority: #35
5. International Relations: #41
6. Administrative Skills: #37
7. Relations With Congress: #36
8. Vision/Setting an Agenda: #25
9. Pursued Equal Justice For All: #24
10. Performance Within Context of Times: #36

He also had the greatest deviation in ranks from the voters, which is understandable since his presidency hasn't been over for a month yet. Still, 36 out of 42 ain't so good, though I consider any of these rankings as meant for entertainment more than anything else. I hope you're all as entertained as I am.
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The hillside opposite the Lafayette, CA Bart Station has become a moving memorial to the U. S. troops killed in Iraq. One cross is added for each American death.

"I deem [one of] the essential principles of our government [to be] peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangligin alliances with none...
-Thomas Jefferson (1801)

Yes! 01-20-09

Fun day at Ocean Beach, yesterday.

Yes! 01-20-09 small

It was sooo cute. These little girls were facinated by what the adults were doing and I said "we're spelling "Yes" in the sand for Obama, come join the picture, there will be a helicopter soon". They ran off to two older women for permission, who wondered wtf?, and I explained what we were doing and they beamed proudly and excitedly joined with us. After the helicopter left the family all cheered, laughed, and hugged, I think one of the women was in tears of joy.

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An letter from Israel

Good morning Americans!

We at the Israel government would like to wish you a good round of cheer for your help in our attacks against Gaza. Since many of the Americans don't realize all that you do for us, we wanted to let you know just how much we appreciate your help. As we write this, we figured lets cut our two hour lunch short and spend some time reminiscing with our good friends the Americans. Lets first say that our attacks on Gaza where extremely successful, since we have very powerful bombs, fighter planes, and attack helicopters given to us by your patriotic Americans! Oh wait, my diplomat friend Habudabi just told me that's not politically correct, I forgot! You actually don't give us weapons, you just give us two billion in good old US dollars every year. . .and that well we HAVE to spend on military hardware. Yeah you would be upset if we didn't buy good old American bombs huh? They work very good, they blow up very good you know. . . we both know that. . .no worries. That's true, how could I have been so forgetful! We don't actually like to say that we are GIVEN BOMBS from the US, so we do that money exchange thing, weapons transfer that makes it look not so bad for you kind Americans. Wouldn't want you all thinking that you are directly killing our neighbors! Ha, you all don't want to sleep with that notion! Oh but that reminds me, we must thank you again for letting us attack our neighbors, with little press on those pesky dead people and babies dying all around. I mean if people actually talked about those dead people and over 4000 wounded, yikes my boy Habudabi reminds me we would probably get our US funding cut next week! Ouch! Actually no worry, you good ole Americans trust us so much with the money, you don't even audit what we do with the money. Another thank you to our American buddies for trusting us Israelis to monitor ourselves. So again before we finish, we must also think the US government and politicians, everyone in congress and your representatives for ignoring our little quibbles we have over here. I mean really we are better knowing about this. . .you really don't need to know the extremes we go to, like blocking medical aid to the wounded, cutting off the electricity, or bombing buildings known to be United Nations offices!

As your President Bush leaves office, we again thank him for being quite on this matter. No reason for anyone to worry what we do here in the middle east. . .no reason to show the dead bodies of our neighbors. And finally, we appreciate the propaganda from all of you, in your efforts to make Hamas look like the most evil thing since Satan. You have done a great job. And no it's not to much trouble. . for if you are middle class, you only pay about $20.00 a year towards the bombs that we use against our neighbors. What's 20.00 for a little peace in the mideast, my friend Habudabi reminds me!

Thank you again
Signed, the israeli government.
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It's Bush's last full day in Office!

I knew (with around 90% certainty) we'd get to this day someday. I didn't think things would look or be this bad when we did, but here we are at last. In honor of his departure, I give you all some lyrics that helped me laugh when the Dark Times of the Bush Regime were at its darkest:

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I still wanna take that song and set it to Bush clips and quotes one day..... ;)

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I'm glad they rat pack is gone. Which one of the cowards will I enjoy never seeing again? Wow I'm not sure if it is Bush or Condi Rice. Condi really hits my nerve, I swear that chick is a lying bitch.

In the news:
They say Youtube are banning the gaza videos of the dead children. Nice, thanks youtube for censoring reality from us. That's great.
Ok well here are the videos. Some of these are brutal. The one where the doctor is trying to breathe life into the child is heart wrenching. I haven't seen such a sad video in years. It really is sad.

download with bittorent

the few un-censored videos youtube has about gaza

gaza video1
gaza video2
gaza video3

Censorship Disclaimer: The three (3) linked videos above are hosted at Godaddy, which blocks three countries from downloading them (iran, north korea, and another one). Use bittorrent to bypass all censorship, and don't use Godaddy hosting! Big and small companies, they all are starting to take part in the restriction of content.
I posted one of the videos to youtube, I will see how long it stays up before someone flags it. Also give a big high five thanks to the AIPAC lobby and our politicians for pressuring youtube to censor war footage.

A bunch of "finals"

Bush holds last press conference

Bush makes final flight aboard Air Force One

Bush+final google search

And, for fun, a made-up interview with Rolling Stone. The whole thing isn't online. If you can, I recommend the rest. It's pretty funny, especially the part about bush's economic policy being like "handing out guns to retards," and the part where they practice waterboarding on the house boy ("Don't use the coffee! It's about drowning, not burning.").

Eight more days.
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The good ole club is making the rounds with the picture of the rockets heading towards Israel. And it looked like a freaking home-made rocket.
You know I don't give a flying poo what Israel does, but I do care that we are paying for this mess. Over 2 billion in US aid goes to Israel, and for what? They are not required to tell us what they do with the money! U.S. law prohibits the president from furnishing military aid to any country which engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.? 22 U.S.C. ? 2304(a). So why do my tax dollars go to this fucked up country?

Again it's a mess, but for one my taxpayer money is involved in this, and two, Israel seems hellbent on killing and suffocating all the Gaza civilians. Read below on my article to my representative. . . there is a link to the news that they are keeping medical supplies from going into the city. Why. . .are the Israel people that evil? Yes sort of, but mostly because they don't want photographs of the carnage leaking into the media.

read about a US ship attacked by israel:
read about US military aid to israel:

Mr Lewis.

Can you explain where our aid money to Israel ends up being used? I have been able to find no documentation on how our aid money is used by Israel.

I am truly outraged by what Israel actions in wars against its neighbors. Now they are blocking medical aid to the people in Gaza:

If we do not know what Israel does with our taxpayer money, I believe we should not give our hard earned money away to them. .especially in our recent economic woes. We give almost 1/3 of our aid to Israel. Why? And what do they do with it?

I also don't see any reports of ANY Israel people injured or killed from the recent rocket fire. Maybe because Raytheon sells anti-missle equipment to Israel? Probably because the rockets where intercepted and caused no damage in Israel.. . yet Israel kills hundreds in Gaza in retaliation. And we as taxpayers support this massacre?

And for a bit of history, the USS Liberty was a documented, proven war crime even as described by the Israeli government. When will this incident be investigated?
The Israelis claim that they attacked without first identifying the ship or its nationality. That alone is a war crime. We know that they did in fact identify our ship as American before attacking and attacked with full knowledge that we were American. Yet even if their story were true, their own version of the circumstances would identify this attack as a war crime. Thirty-four Americans died and 174 were wounded. Yet the attack on the USS Liberty is the only serious maritime incident in American history that has never been investigated by Congress.

Thank you